Dr. Jerry Herman, DDS

Dr. Jerry Herman has been practicing general and advanced cosmetic dentistry in New York since 1972.  Following graduation from NYU Dental School and residency at Booth Memorial Hospital (New York Hospital Queens) on Long Island, Dr. Herman opened his first practice in Great Neck.

Over the next twenty years, Dr. Herman continued to refine his cosmetic dental techniques while providing all of his patients and their families with the highest quality general dentistry.

In the early 1990’s, Dr. Herman and Dr. Weintraub together opened an office in midtown Manhattan, that utilized many of the newest dental technologies available.  From the New York City office, Dr. Herman has continued to develop his cosmetic techniques and now focuses on reconstructive and cosmetic cases while continuing to provide the finest general dentistry to all of his patients.

Dr. Weintraub is the most amazing dentist in the world! – Bobby W.

You will never look for another dentist again! – Jeff W.

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