Our Practice

Dr. Herman and Dr. Weintraub have spent a great deal of their careers developing a practice that delivers the finest quality dental work to their patients, free from the limitations of time, personal care and quality materials that many restrictive dental insurance plans encourage at the cost of providing cheap and rapid turnover care.  Years of experience and expertise create a patient experience that is hard to find in today’s world.  

The dentist’s ability to convey personalized home care instructions, dental care needs, treatment options and recommended courses of action helps patients not only feel better about what treatment you may require, but you’ll walk away with an understanding of the importance of your oral health.

Dr. Herman and Dr. Weintraub have focused on creating the type of dental work that will last far longer than typical work, and maintain its aesthetic appeal for years and years.  Our practice will work with your PPO dental insurance to supplement any procedures that you require, but we believe that you would agree that “rushed” and “cheap” are two words you do not want describing your dental work.

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